Face and Back-lit Channel Letters

Face and back-lit channel letters have LEDs inside a 3D metal or acrylic letter shell, the light shines through the front surface and back-panel, easy read with halo effect. Each letter is independent and can be lit individually, with the excellent 3D effect and high brightness, widely used for business, store, building, storefront, shop, outdoors & indoors.

About Face and Back-lit Channel Letters

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Face and Back-lit Channel Letters
  • Face and Back-lit channel letters require a power source so that the LED light source can provide good light. Although solar energy and wind energy are used by more and more users due to their green characteristics, when used as power sources for illuminated signs, these green energy sources need to be matched with energy storage batteries to ensure the stability of the current. Therefore, the stability and cost of this kind of power supply will all be worse than the mains power. Therefore, we recommend using mains power. Whether it is civilian AC or industrial AC, it will be more stable.
  • The vast majority of LEDs are driven by safe 12V DC power. Therefore, if the mains power is used as the power supply, the AC transformer is required to convert the AC power into the 12V DC power required for LED operation. Therefore, it is recommended that before purchasing, you first understand the voltage of the AC power at the place where the face and backlit channel letters will be installed, so that we can provide you with a suitable AC transformer.
  • In order to reduce line loss, we recommend that the length of the wire from the signage to the AC transformer be controlled to 3 meters (about 118 inches), otherwise the LED may not fully emit light due to excessive current loss.
  • The AC transformer will generate heat when working, it is recommended that the AC transformer be placed in a place with good heat dissipation. If the AC transformer cannot dissipate heat smoothly, the service life of the transformer will be seriously affected.
  • The installation of face and back-lit channel letters usually requires drilling holes in the wall, so it is recommended that you confirm with the landlord what restrictions there are on drilling holes before purchasing.
  • Some cities, communities and landlords have certain restrictions on the brightness and color temperature of illuminated signs, so it is recommended that you understand these restrictions before purchasing.


  • Can be letters, numbers and logo.
  • Each individual part is separate.
  • Using fabricated metal 3D letters shell or CNC engraved acrylic 3D letters shell.
  • LEDs are installed in the letters shell as light source.
  • The front surface and the back-panel of the sign are illuminated.
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors.


Face and back-lit channel letters are a cutting-edge signage solution that combines two distinct illumination styles to create an impactful visual statement. These signs, also called Front and backlit channel letters, double-sided-lit channel letters, etc., consist of 3D letters, each with a hollow channel, enabling both front and rear lighting. The 'face-lit' aspect involves the front part of each letter being illuminated, typically using LED lights, ensuring the lettering is bright and highly visible. This is complemented by 'back-lit' (or halo-lit) lighting, where light emanates from the back of each letter, casting a soft glow on the surface behind, creating a halo effect. This dual lighting setup not only increases the sign's legibility but also adds a dramatic and sophisticated aesthetic. The versatility in their construction allows these signs to be customized in various fonts, sizes, colors, and lighting styles, offering businesses a unique way to showcase their brand.

Function and Importance

The display effect of face and back-lit channel letters is both striking and elegant. The combination of the bright face illumination and the subtle backlit halo provides a dynamic visual contrast, making these signs stand out, especially in low-light conditions. This dual illumination ensures that the signage is captivating during both day and night, enhancing its effectiveness in drawing attention. Such visibility is particularly advantageous in high-traffic areas or competitive business environments, where standing out is essential.

Functionally, face and back-lit channel letters serve as a powerful branding and marketing tool. They are an effective way for businesses to convey their brand identity and message, enhancing brand recognition and recall among potential customers. This type of signage is especially beneficial for businesses that want to make a memorable impression and attract passersby, irrespective of the time of day. Additionally, the use of LED lighting in these signs not only ensures bright and consistent illumination but also offers energy efficiency and durability, making them a cost-effective and environmentally friendly choice. The signs' ability to withstand various weather conditions, coupled with their low maintenance needs, makes them a practical and long-lasting signage solution.

In conclusion, face and back-lit channel letters offer a blend of style, visibility, and functionality, making them an ideal choice for businesses looking to make a significant impact with their signage. Their unique illumination style, coupled with customization options, provides a distinctive way for businesses to enhance their visibility, attract attention, and reinforce their brand presence in a competitive marketplace.


  • Face and Back-lit Metal Channel Letters

    Face and Back-lit Metal Channel Letters

    Using fabricated metal channel letters, the acrylic front surface and back panel are illuminated, the character shell is strong, the halo effect is good, and the brightness is good. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

    More Details

  • Face and Back-lit Acrylic Channel Letters

    Face and Back-lit Acrylic Channel Letters

    Using CNC engraved acrylic channel letters, the middle part of the side is covered with paint, making these parts opaque. The light passes through the front surface and the sides not covered by paint. It has a beautiful appearance, good halo effect, and good brightness. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

    More Details

Visible Distance and Recognition

When you set up fascia signs for your business, building, store, etc., you definitely want the sign to have very good visual distance and recognition, so that your customers can see your store from a long distance. Although navigation is becoming more and more developed, it still cannot replace the visual recognition effect provided by signage.


  • For signage with thin strokes, their visual distance and recognition will be affected.
  • Bigger signs have better viewing distance and recognition
  • When the environment is relatively dark, the visual distance and recognition of illuminated signs are better than those of non-illuminated signs.

Many factors such as the finish of the sign, the color contrast between the sign and the installation location, the intensity of light at the location of the sign, etc. will affect the viewing distance of the sign. If you need a suggestion, then as a rule of thumb, the viewing distance of a sign is approximately about 120 times the height of the sign. For example, a 1-inch-tall sign can be seen with good recognition from a distance of about 10 feet.


Most of the installation methods of face and backlit channel letters are flush mount, off-wall mount or raceway mount, using stud bolts to install the signs on the wall.

  • Flush Mount: This installation method uses stud bolts and is installed separately on the building facade using the mounting holes. The wires used to power the lighting are fished out of the wire holes and mounted behind the wall so light source maintenance can be easily done from behind. Typically, each individual illuminated sign part has 2-3 stud bolts and 1 wire, so 3-4 holes need to be drilled in the wall for this. Obviously, this installation method will increase the installation workload, but since the wires and stud bolts are buried in the wall, the installed signs will be sleek and sophisticated.
  • Off-wall Mount: The only difference between this installation method and flush mount is that the sign is away from the backing wall, and spacers are used to ensure that each part is at the same distance from the wall.
  • Raceway Mount: In this installation method, the sign is first mounted on a slender metal mounting structure called a “raceway”, usually made of aluminum or stainless steel, and then the raceway and signs are mounted on the wall as a whole. The interior of these mounting structures can be used to house electrical wiring and AC transformers. The advantage of this type of installation method is that it has fewer holes need to be drilled, which can be an important consideration for building owners or landlords, and it also makes it easier to install and renew the signage, while creating an off-wall visual for the sign, so the three-dimensionality will be better. However, due to the existence of the “raceway”, the integrity of the sign and installation wall will be weakened.

To ensure your signage is installed correctly for optimal display and longevity, we recommend hiring professional installers. We will provide a 1:1 layout template to show the hole positions of stud bolts and wires, the installer will drill holes on the wall according to these hole positions. If it is an illuminated sign, the wiring work of the wires needs to be completed. We will provide installation instructions, wiring diagram and necessary installation accessories to help your installers complete the installation correctly and quickly. If you are unable to find the professional installers, please let us know and we will put you in touch with one of our partners to find good installers for you.


Fascia signs are generally installed at a high location and may not be accessible without a lift machine or scaffolding, so routine maintenance is basically difficult. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase high-quality signs and hire professional installers to install them. High-quality signs that are installed correctly can significantly reduce the possibility of sign failure.

In fact, the maintenance of face and backlit channel letters is very simple. Just need to wipe the surface of the sign with a soft cloth moistened with clean fresh water. Never use liquids containing organic cleaning agents to wipe the sign, as such cleaning fluids may cause irreversible damage to the exterior finish of the sign.

Certification and Warranty

Our customized face and backlit channel letter products have CE & UL certification and use the famous MeanWell brand transformer, which can be widely used around the world. You only need to tell us your AC power supply situation, and we will provide you with signs and the AC transformer fits you.

Our signage products have undergone strict quality testing before leaving the factory, and we also provide a 3-year warranty. If your sign is damaged due to non-human factors within 3 years, we will provide you with free replacement parts, and the transformer warranty is provided by MeanWell.

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Custom Face and Backlit Channel Letters

Custom face and backlit channel letters offer a versatile and eye-catching signage solution for businesses aiming to enhance their visibility and brand presence. These signs combine the bold impact of face-lit letters with the subtle ambiance of backlit illumination, providing a unique and sophisticated appearance. The front of each letter is illuminated, projecting a bright and vibrant display, while the backlit element casts a soft halo around each character, creating an attractive glow against the mounting surface. This dual-illumination approach not only ensures high visibility during both day and night but also adds a distinctive aesthetic appeal. Customizable in various fonts, colors, and sizes, these signs allow businesses to accurately represent their brand identity and style, making them ideal for those seeking to make a strong visual statement.

For business owners, custom face and backlit channel letters provide several key advantages. Firstly, the combination of face and backlit lighting ensures that the signage is highly noticeable and attention-grabbing, crucial for attracting potential customers in busy or competitive areas. This enhanced visibility can significantly increase foot traffic and assist in brand differentiation. Secondly, the customizable nature of these signs means they can be tailored to align perfectly with the business’s branding strategy, reinforcing brand identity and contributing to a cohesive and professional image. Furthermore, the use of durable materials and energy-efficient LED lighting in these signs ensures longevity and cost-effectiveness. The low energy consumption of LEDs, coupled with their long lifespan, results in reduced maintenance costs and energy bills, making these signs a practical long-term investment. Overall, custom face and backlit channel letters offer a dynamic and effective signage option for businesses looking to stand out and establish a memorable and impactful brand presence.

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Outdoor Face and Backlit Channel Letters

Outdoor face and backlit channel letters are an innovative signage solution designed to maximize the visual impact of businesses. By combining the bold, direct illumination of face-lit letters with the subtle, ambient glow of backlit lighting, these signs create a striking dual-effect that is both eye-catching and sophisticated. The front-facing illumination ensures the letters are bright and highly visible, making them ideal for drawing attention during the day and night. At the same time, the backlit halo adds depth and dimension, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the signage. This combination not only increases the sign’s visibility from a distance but also adds a level of elegance, setting a business apart from its competition. Customizable in design, these signs can be tailored to suit a variety of architectural styles and branding themes, making them a versatile choice for any business exterior.

For business owners, investing in outdoor face and backlit channel letters offers a range of benefits. Primarily, these signs serve as a powerful tool for brand recognition and customer attraction. The enhanced visibility provided by the dual lighting ensures that the business stands out in crowded or competitive environments, crucial for attracting potential customers and increasing foot traffic. Additionally, the distinct and upscale appearance of these signs can significantly elevate a business’s perceived value, attracting a broader customer base. The durability of these signs, often constructed with high-quality materials and LED lighting, guarantees longevity and resilience against environmental elements, ensuring a lasting and maintenance-friendly signage solution. Moreover, the energy efficiency of LED lights offers cost savings over time, reducing both energy consumption and maintenance costs. Overall, outdoor face and backlit channel letters are an excellent investment for businesses seeking to enhance their outdoor presence with a visually impactful and cost-effective signage solution.

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