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We provide high-quality custom fascia signs, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, they can be an illuminated LED sign or a non-illuminated sign made of stainless steel, aluminum, etc. Our signage products are UL certified and have a 3-year warranty, with excellent display effects and long service life, they help you attract customers, increase brand recognition and promote the overall success of your business.

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About Fascia Signs


Fascia signs are a crucial element in the visual presentation and branding of a business. Essentially, they are the signs mounted on the fascia, and the fascia is a vertical extension that can reach from the grade to the top wall or eaves, the horizontal extension across the width of the building. It also can include slanted wall surfaces, called a mansard. Simply, the fascia is the front or facade of a building and the fascia signs typically above the entrance or across the storefront. These signs serve as one of the first points of interaction between a business and its potential customers, making them an essential component of a company’s physical marketing strategy.


Fascia signs, integral to business branding and storefront design, come in various types to cater to different architectural styles and branding needs. Understanding these varieties helps businesses choose the right sign that not only complements their storefront but also effectively conveys their brand message.

Main Types of Fascia Signs

  • Illuminated Fascia Signs: These are equipped with internal lighting, often using LED or neon, to ensure the sign is visible both day and night. They are ideal for businesses open in the evenings or located in areas with low ambient light.
  • Non-Illuminated Fascia Signs: More traditional in style, these signs rely on natural lighting. Made from materials like wood, metal, or acrylic, they suit businesses seeking a classic or rustic look.
  • 3D Lettering Fascia Signs: Offering a more dynamic appearance, these signs feature raised letters that stand out from the fascia, creating depth and shadow for a more sophisticated look. They can be illuminated or non-illuminated.
  • Digital Fascia Signs: Incorporating digital screens, these signs offer the flexibility to display changing text or images. They are perfect for businesses that need to update their messaging frequently, like theaters or restaurants.
  • Projecting Signs: Mounted perpendicular to the building, these signs are visible from multiple directions, making them effective for businesses on busy streets or in alleyways.

Each type of fascia sign offers distinct advantages and can be tailored to a business’s specific requirements, ensuring that every establishment can find a sign that perfectly matches its aesthetic and functional needs. In fact, we can produce types of signs, but since we are a manufacturer in China, considering the expensive international shipping costs, for some sign products that are easy to make and are bulky or heavy, we recommend that you buy them locally.

Function and Importance

The primary function of fascia signs is to convey the identity and nature of the business to the public. They are designed to be clearly visible and legible, often incorporating the business’s name, logo, and sometimes additional information like the nature of services provided or business hours. Fascia signs play a vital role in enhancing brand recognition and can significantly impact a customer’s first impression of the business.

The effectiveness of fascia signs lies in their ability to catch the eye of passersby, thereby increasing foot traffic and attracting potential customers. In competitive commercial areas, a well-designed fascia sign can be the difference that sets a business apart from its neighbors, drawing attention and interest from those walking or driving by.

Moreover, fascia signs are not just about attracting new customers; they also provide a point of reference for existing customers. A distinctive and memorable sign can help in building brand loyalty, as it becomes a familiar and trusted symbol associated with the quality of service or products offered by the business.

In conclusion, fascia signs are more than just a label for a business; they are a key element in establishing a business’s presence and identity in a physical location. Their design, visibility, and message play a significant role in attracting customers, enhancing brand recognition, and contributing to the overall success of the business.

Visible Distance And Recognition

When you set up fascia signs for your business, building, store, etc., you definitely want the sign to have very good visual distance and recognition, so that your customers can see your store from a long distance. Although navigation is becoming more and more developed, it still cannot replace the visual recognition effect provided by signage.


  • For signage with thin strokes, their visual distance and recognition will be affected.
  • Bigger signs have better viewing distance and recognition
  • When the environment is relatively dark, the visual distance and recognition of illuminated signs are better than those of non-illuminated signs.

Many factors such as the finish of the sign, the color contrast between the sign and the installation location, the intensity of light at the location of the sign, etc. will affect the viewing distance of the sign. If you need a suggestion, then as a rule of thumb, the viewing distance of a sign is approximately about 120 times the height of the sign. For example, a 1-inch-tall sign can be seen with good recognition from a distance of about 10 feet.


Most of the installation methods of fascia signs are flush mount or raceway mount, using stud bolts to install the signs on the wall.

  • Flush Mount: This installation method uses stud bolts and is installed separately on the building facade using the mounting holes. The wires used to power the lighting are fished out of the wire holes and mounted behind the wall so light source maintenance can be easily done from behind. Typically each individual illuminated sign part has 2-3 stud bolts and 1 wire, so 3-4 holes need to be drilled in the wall for this. Obviously this installation method will increase the installation workload, but since the wires and stud bolts are buried in the wall, the installed signs will be sleek and sophisticated.
  • Raceway Mount: In this installation method, the sign is first mounted on a slender metal mounting structure called a “raceway”, usually made of aluminum or stainless steel, and then the raceway and signs are mounted on the wall as a whole. The interior of these mounting structures can be used to house electrical wiring and AC transformers. The advantage of this type of installation method is that it has fewer holes need to be drilled, which can be an important consideration for building owners or landlords, and it also makes it easier to install and renew the signage, while creating an off-wall visual for the sign, so the three-dimensionality will be better. However, due to the existence of the “raceway”, the integrity of the sign and installation wall will be weakened.

To ensure your signage is installed correctly for optimal display and longevity, we recommend hiring professional installers. We will provide a 1:1 layout template to show the hole positions of stud bolts and wires, the installer will drill holes on the wall according to these hole positions. If it is an illuminated sign, the wiring work of the wires needs to be completed. We will provide installation instructions, wiring diagram and necessary installation accessories to help your installers complete the installation correctly and quickly. If you are unable to find the professional installers, please let us know and we will put you in touch with one of our partners to find good installers for you.


Fascia signs are generally installed at a high location and may not be accessible without a lift machine or scaffolding, so routine maintenance is basically difficult. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase high-quality signs and hire professional installers to install them. High-quality signs that are installed correctly can significantly reduce the possibility of sign failure.

In fact, the maintenance of fascia board signs is very simple. Just need to wipe the surface of the sign with a soft cloth moistened with clean fresh water. Never use liquids containing organic cleaning agents to wipe the sign, as such cleaning fluids may cause irreversible damage to the exterior finish of the sign.

Certification and Warranty

Our customized fascia signs products have CE & UL certification and use the famous MeanWell brand transformer, which can be widely used around the world. You only need to tell us your AC power supply situation, and we will provide you with signs and the AC transformer fits you.

Our signage products have undergone strict quality testing before leaving the factory, and we also provide a 3-year warranty. If your sign is damaged due to non-human factors within 3 years, we will provide you with free replacement parts, and the transformer warranty is provided by MeanWell.

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Custom Fascia signs

Custom fascia signs are a vital tool in crafting and conveying a business’s unique identity. Unlike standard signage solutions, these custom signs are designed specifically to reflect the distinctive character and ethos of a business. They are typically mounted on the front part of a building or storefront, serving as a primary branding element. The versatility of custom fascia signs lies in their ability to be tailored in various shapes, sizes, colors, and designs, allowing for a high degree of personalization. This customization ensures that the sign aligns perfectly with the business’s branding strategy, from the logo and color scheme to the font and messaging. Custom fascia signs not only display the name of the business but also communicate its personality and values to the public, making them an integral part of the company’s visual identity.

For business owners, custom fascia signs offer several advantages. First and foremost, they provide a powerful means of standing out in a crowded commercial landscape. A well-designed, unique morden fascia sign can capture the attention of passersby, drawing in potential customers and differentiating the business from competitors. This is particularly crucial in areas with high foot traffic or in competitive marketplaces. Furthermore, these signs enhance brand recognition and recall. A distinctive, custom-made sign can leave a lasting impression, making it easier for customers to remember and return to the business. Additionally, custom fascia signs can be designed to fit the architectural style of the building, ensuring they complement and enhance the overall aesthetic of the business premises. This level of integration between the sign and the physical space contributes to a cohesive and professional appearance, which can be pivotal in building trust and credibility with customers.

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More than 20 years of experience in the sign industry.


More than 500 advanced signs production equipment.


Provides sign to over 2500+ new clients each year.

15, 000+

More than 15,000 square meters of production plant.


If you have any additional questions about the signs or our services, feel free to contact us.

We are a signage manufacturer in China and our office is in Shanghai.

Our signs products can be waterproof and weatherproof. If you are concerned about this, please let us know the climate characteristics of your area, such as strong sunlight or heavy rain, so that we can provide targeted protection measures for your fascia signs.

We will finish the production in 15 business days mostly, And then the DHL door to door delivery by DDU terms will takes about 3-5 days for the delivery. So the lead time would be about 20-25 days.

Very sorry, we are a sign factory in China, and in most cases we do not know the specific installation address of the signs. Even if we know the address, for the sake of protecting customer privacy, we will not provide customer information to third parties. Therefore, we cannot provide the case address for your reference.

Sorry, we are sign makers in China, till now we still do not have an office or showroom outside of China.

We have ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, UL, etc.

We are very cautious about accepting someone as our agent. We suggest starting with simple cooperation, having a deeper understanding between each other and then talking about becoming our agent is more feasible.

Min. width of strokes is the Min. distance between the two edges of a stroke, measured perpendicular to the stroke center line.

This data determines whether the design file could be the really signed products. For LED illuminating signs, the uniformity of illumination largely determines the final effect of the signage. If the data is too small, that means we can not place the LED lights in the signage shell evenly, and even would cause that we can not finish the fabricated metal signage shell.

Your local customs may charge you import duties on items you order from us. Taxes mainly depend on the value of the goods and the tax rate set by your country. Different countries may have different tax policies. Since taxes are collected by your local customs, we cannot know the amount in advance, so the price quoted to you does not include taxes. It is recommended that you confirm with the local customs authorities and the actual amount collected by your local customs shall prevail.

The HS code for the illuminated signs is 94056000, and the HS code for the non-illuminated signs is 8310000000. Based on the HS code and the value of the goods, your local customs should be able to tell you the tariff.

Yes, you can use custom fonts for your signage. Please send us the font file you want to use. If it is not a free font, before you order the font, we recommend that you contact us first to tell us your signage needs and a photo of the font so that we can confirm whether the font is suitable for making the type of sign you want.

Our signage products are all customized, so we don’t have any standard fonts. However, since the Min. width of the font will determine the manufacturing process that can be used when manufacturing the signage, if the strokes of the font you choose are too thin, we will make the strokes bolder. But please rest assured that we will not modify your design without authorization, all modifications will be applied after your confirmation.

Please send me the design file in vector format, which you can get from your designer. We mainly work with ai, cdr and eps formats. The png format bitmap you sent to me

Since our signage products are all customized, different details will result in different costs. Only a vector format file can show me enough detail about your signage. If you don’t know what’s the vector file, please visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vector_graphics

BTW, if you have bitmaps in formats such as jpg, png, etc., our designers can also recreate vector drawing based on the bitmap file, but there might be some differences with your current design, so it is best if you can directly provide vector format design drawing.

Yes, photos like this can help us better understand the surrounding environment and architectural style, and they can also help us judge the best installation method for your sign.

Sorry, we can not give any price over the call, since our signage products are all customized, different details would cause different costs. We can not get enough detail over the call. Using our “Free Quote” form would be better.

We are honored to provide you with timely and professional sign customization services. Normally you will receive our sales reply within one working day. If it is a large signage case, for example there are dozens of different signage projects, it may take 2~3 working days or even longer, but we will try our best to get you a price as soon as possible.

Well, you always can find a supplier with a lower price, but mostly when you pay cheap then you will get the cheap. We are not the best choice if you only want to find a lower price, but we are the best signage supplier with good quality, good service with reasonable price. Our signage products are worth every penny you pay.

You only realize the difference when you have the cheap and nasty signage products in your hand, sometimes even after a terrible experience, then it would be too late, you waste the money and time already. However, we have built our reputation on quality and will keep it that way.

That being said, if you do have a lower price, we would be happy to evaluate it for you. We will see if it is possible to match while maintaining our quality and durability standards, or we will tell you if we feel that something on the quote does not seem likely to live up to what you are expecting.

Sorry we do not have the wholesale price, we treat all our customers equally and we will do our best to provide each customer with a reasonable price.

Considering the fluctuation of exchange rate, raw material price and labor cost, our quotation is usually valid for 30 days.

We used the “Buying Rate” of the Bank of China exchange rate by default.

Our payment term is:

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Notice 1: We use the PAYPAL to accept the payment from credit card, The PAYPAL will charge 4.4% + usd$0.30 as the transfer fee, and our quoted fees are for products and delivery only, so if you want to use the credit card or PAYPAL to finish the payment, you would be asked to pay for the additional PAYPAL transfer fee. For example: if the amount of your order is $100, then you need to pay total: (100 + 0.3)/(100%-4.4%) = $104.92

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This cannot be done by default, as this will affect our production plan. In special cases, after you have paid the losses, we can produce according to the new plan.

Yes, but no payment would be refunded.

Yes, we use the DHL door to door delivery by DDU terms by default, they will deliver the signage for you.

We use the DHL door to door delivery by DDU terms by default, also use the fedex, UPS, and TNT etc. Once your signage ships, we will send you the waybill number so that you can track the cargo.

It depends on the delivery company, some additional cost might be charged by them.

We are signage manufacturers in China, and do not have any office out of China, so very sorry if the installation job is out of China we can’t finish it. But we do have some business partners in the USA, Canada, Australia and Europe, if you can’t find the installer, we will try to help you to find one.

Generally speaking, the installation of signs is not complicated. If you have the corresponding work experience, you can install the signs yourself. However, we recommend that you hire a professional installer to install it. Only in this way can you ensure that the sign is installed correctly, thereby ensuring the service life and good display effect of the sign.

We will provide:

  • 1:1 layout template
  • wiring diagram
  • installation notes

We will provide:

  • stud bolts
  • washers
  • nuts

We provide three years free replacement to non-human damaged signs. We will produce and ship to customers for free.

Because the LED half-life, after about 2-3 years the brightness of the LED lighting might be too weak, we suggest you renew the LED lighting at that time. But if you can accept the signage effect, don’t worry, the life-time of the LED lighting is more than 80k hours.

Over time, the display effect of the signage will indeed weaken. The brightness of the LED will decrease and the finish of the sign will fade due to sunlight exposure. In this case, in fact, metal parts such as metal letter shell still have very good performance. Obviously renovation will be a solution to restore the fascia signs to a good display effect.

However, we recommend that you consider repurchasing rather than renovation. The first is because production equipment and technology are constantly improving. Newly produced sign can be produced with better process and materials. In addition, the important reason why it is not recommended to renovate is because of the expensive international shipping costs. If you ship the old fascia signs to our factory and we refurbish them before shipping them to you, the total cost will be much higher than if you re-order a new set of fascia signage from us.

Outdoor Fascia Signs

Outdoor fascia signs are a key component in establishing a corporate identity in any commercial or retail environment. They play a key role in attracting the attention of passers-by, effectively transforming the building’s facade into a billboard promoting your business. The primary function of an outdoor fascia sign is to make the business easily identifiable and accessible to potential customers. By incorporating elements such as a business’s name, logo, address number and sometimes even its services or products, these signs provide important information at a glance that can have a big impact by quickly grabbing the attention of potential customers.

Outdoor fascia signs offer many advantages. First, they are an effective way to build brand image and awareness. Well-designed signage can reinforce a business’s brand image and help create a consistent image. This consistent branding is critical to creating a memorable impression and attracting repeat customers. Secondly, outdoor signs help differentiate your business from your competitors. In a crowded commercial space, a unique and eye-catching sign can be the decisive factor in attracting customers’ attention and convincing them to enter the premises. Additionally, these signs are a cost-effective form of advertising. Unlike ongoing advertising costs, fascia signage is a one-time investment that continues to promote business 24/7. Additionally, with advances in materials and lighting technology, such as energy-efficient LEDs, outdoor fascia signs are both durable and economical to maintain, providing businesses with a practical and long-lasting signage solution.

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